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    Still Kicking! - CD + Bumper Sticker


    This is Santiago Jimenez, Jr. He comes from a San Antonio Latino accordion musical family dynasty that pioneered Conjunto, Tejano, and Tex Mex Rock n Roll music with his father Santiago Sr. and icon brother Flaco. The first time I saw him play, I thought "Oh my God… he’s the living link between Norteño and Tejano music that influenced rock n' roll and country and modern Latin music. I’m watching the living embodiment of that. The source!"

    For his new album, Still Kicking!, El Chief (as he is also known) selected songs with an authentic San Antonio sound, capturing the hard-driving conjunto music that was at its peak in the early 1960s. The legendary raw recordings in Still Kicking! were captured straight out of the barrios of San Antonio by producer and fellow music freak Garrett T. Capps, who first sent them to me.

    - Jesse Dayton


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