Transit Damage - Crawfish Bundle

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Transit Damage - Crawfish Bundle

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This Order Includes:

  • Access to the digital album — Instant download upon purchase
  • CD copy of 'Transit Damage'
  • Transit Damage’ Barbeque Apron made of 100% natural cotton, available in black

Just who is Shinyribs? It’s a sprawling nine, sometimes 10-piece cast, but ultimately it is the funky brainchild of Kevin Russell, who grew up in Beaumont, TX and Shreveport, LA, the cradle of the swamp pop and bayou R&B sounds that drip off his fingers like honey and hot sauce. Think Gulf Coast meets Muscle Shoals with strong pop-song structures.

Track Listing:

  1. Simply Belong To You
  2. Pink Turns To Blue
  3. Dark Cloud
  4. All The Best Things
  5. Transit Damage
  6. Reconsider It
  7. La Folie De l'Humanité
  8. Alphabeta
  9. Little Drops of Summer
  10. If Love Is Earned
  11. Kind