The One & Only Scott H. Biram - Coke Bottle Clear LP

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The One & Only Scott H. Biram - Coke Bottle Clear LP

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  • The One & Only Scott H. Biram LP pressed in Coke Bottle Clear
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After almost thirty years of tirelessly writing, recording and touring the front and backroads of America as a solo bluesman—to a wide array of critical accolades—Biram found himself, along with much of the world, suddenly stopped cold by the pandemic. Once again unwilling to allow outsized forces slow him down, he took advantage of the shutdown to write, record and produce nine new songs and two traditional covers for his new album, The One & Only Scott H. Biram, his 13th overall and 9th for Bloodshot Records.

“I’m constantly trying to go back to the junky, lo-fi sounds of my early records,” says Biram. “But it’s harder to do now. The more you learn about production the harder it is to convey that genuine unproduced feeling. I have to compromise between overproduced and lo-fi, so it sounds pro, but still keeps that grittiness.”

The music on The One & Only Scott H. Biram has the down home, in-your-face feel that Biram is noted for. “No Man’s Land” opens with a blues turnaround played on a twanging electric guitar, backed by a stomping bass and drum backbeat.

With The One & Only Scott H. Biram the singer once again proves himself to be an unstoppable force, refusing to bow in the face of outside challenges and demonstrating a unique ability to live up to the traditions of rough-hewn, individualistic Texas-borne music. He looks forward to returning to the highways and byways of America touring throughout 2024.

Track Listing:


  1. No Mans’s Land
  2. High & Dry
  3. Easy Rider
  4. I’ll Still Miss Ruby
  5. Givin’ Up on Man


  1. Dig a Hole / Big Liar
  2. InterTransmissions
  3. Inside a Bar
  4. Sinner’s Dinner
  5. Rather Be High
  6. Death Has No Mercy
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