The Hard Way Blues - LP

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The Hard Way Blues - LP

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  • LP copy of The Hard Way Blues
    • With your choice of  Pearl White or Huntsville Prison Orange
      • Pearl White is a Hardcharger Records & Blue Élan Records exclusive pressing, limited to only 300 copies.
  • The Hard Way Blues guitar pick
  • Instant download of The Hard Way Blues digital album

    Jesse Dayton isn't just an unsung hero of modern-day American music. He's a larger-than-life- storyteller who blurs the boundaries between genre and discipline, with a multi-decade career highlighting his work as a chart-topping songwriter, guitar hero, author, movie director, screenwriter, frontman, sideman, producer, and road warrior. Dayton redefines himself once again with The Hard Way Blues, a blues-based rock record produced by Grammy winner Shooter Jennings. Inspired by longtime influences like '70s-era Bob Dylan, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Mance Lipscomb, the album balances some of the sharpest songwriting of Dayton's career with loud guitar riffs and amplified attitude.

    "People might have expected us to make an outlaw record, but I've already done that," says Dayton. "I wanted to make something that reflected where I'm at right now, so we turned a musical corner and embraced a big rock sound with a lot of ripping, bluesy guitar leads. Sometimes, it sounds like Freddie King. Sometimes, it sounds like Jimmy Page. This record was completely liberating for me because it goes back to so many of my longtime influences. I don't care about genres, trends, or buzz words — I just care about being truthful to my own vision, and that's what The Hard Way Blues allowed me to do."

    Vinyl Track Listing

    SIDE A

    1. The Hard Way
    2. Night Brain
    3. Talkin' Company Man Blues
    4. Baby's Long Gone
    5. Navasota

    SIDE B

    1. Ballad of Boyd Elder
    2. Angel In My Pocket
    3. Huntsville Prison Rodeo
    4. Esther Pearl
    5. God Ain't Makin' No More of It
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